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Vzense Technology——A professional TOF sensor and application system provider

Publishing date:2021-08-20 09:52:26   Page view:807

Vzense Technology,  who focus on AGV/AMR, logistics, people counting and many other use cases. The team started serving global customers since 2016, and delivered around one hundred thousand TOF products and implemented customized solutions in the United States, EU, Japan and China. Benefited from the 20+ years of experience from consumer electronics industry, Vzense team is specialized in professional product design, quick delivery and strong engineering support for engineers from diversified user cases in many countries. The DCAM710 is a RGB+Depth camera mainly for light industry application and engineering evaluation, while and DCAM550 is an industry grade TOF only product, which could be configured with different interfaces and range.

Head office locates in China, and sales office locate in California. Welcome to visit our website.  Any info, welcome email us info@vzense.com