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Special Issue Call for Paper on Advances in Wireless Sensor Networks under AI-5G for Augmented Reality

Publishing date:2021-08-04 03:49:59   Page view:1092

Special Issue on Advances in Wireless Sensor Networks under AI-5G for Augmented Reality

Artificial reality (AR) is a technology that will facilitate a paradigm shift in the way users interact with data. It can be used to visualise data from hundreds of sensors simultaneously, overlaying relevant and actionable information via a headset. It has recently been recognised as a viable solution for solving many critical needs and problems, and if access becomes easier and cheaper, it seems likely we will see widespread adoption for functions beyond video gaming.


Wireless sensor networks (WSNs), under the umbrella of artificial intelligence (AI)-5G, increase the speed and processing capacity of AR technology – in particular, they support decision making in AR environments. However, creating systems that evolve autonomously over time, requires artificial intelligence (AI) techniques capable of adapting to changes in AR environments. It is important to apply new information fusion techniques that allow for the processing of information at low and high levels to improve the accuracy of these systems.


This special issue calls for original works looking at the latest research findings in WSNs for AR. We are seeking novel research, cases studies, tutorials and survey papers, which report advances in WSNs under AI-5G and mobile AR technologies for various applications.


Topics covered:

· Novel AI-5G-based AR devices

· AI and wireless sensor networks

· Prioritisation schemes for data generated by sensors for AR

· Novel 5G technologies for mobile AR

· Human and AR communication protocols

· IoT/IoMT under AI and 5G for AR

· 5G-based data transfer techniques for AR

· Novel security/privacy protocols for AR

· Emerging applications of AI-5G: security; healthcare; advertising; and government

· Data fusion methods for augmented video insights in AR

· Explainability of AI models for video fusion and analysis for AR

Important deadlines:

· Submission deadline: 30 November 2021

· Expected publication date: 20 April 2022 (subject to change)


Submission instructions:

Please read the Guide for Authors before submitting. Submissions should be made online.


Guest editor:

Prof. Khan Muhammad, Sejong University, Republic of Korea. Email: khan.muhammad.icp@gmail.com, khanmuhammad@sju.ac.kr.

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