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Aims & Scope

Virtual Reality & Intelligent Hardware (VRIH) is an open access journal that aims to showcase and promote distinguished research in the field of virtual reality and intelligent hardware. It provides a global publishing and academic exchange platform for researchers, professionals and industry practitioners. The journal offers high-quality single-blind peer review and is published bimonthly in English.


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§  5G and VR/AR/MR

§  Artificial intelligence for VR/AR/MR

§  Audio interfaces, sound rendering and auditory perception

§  Brain interface

§  Computer graphics techniques

§  Computer vision techniques

§  Content creation, authoring and management

§  Conversational and speech interfaces

§  Crowd simulation

§  Display technologies

§  Embodied agents, virtual humans and (self-)avatars

§  Haptic and tactile interfaces, wearable haptics, passive haptics, pseudo haptics

§  Human augmentations

§  Human-computer interaction for VR/AR/MR

§  Human factors and ergonomics

§  Image analysis and video processing

§  Immersive analytics and visualization techniques

§  Input devices

§  Locomotion and navigation

§  Machine learning and deep learning

§  Mediated and diminished reality

§  Medical simulation and navigation

§  Modeling and simulation

§  Multi-user and distributed systems

§  Multimodal capturing and reconstruction

§  Multimodal/cross-modal interaction and perception

§  Multisensory rendering, registration, and synchronization

§  Perception and cognition

§  Presence, body ownership, and agency

§  Scene description and management issues

§  Sensor fusion

§  Software architectures, toolkits, and engineering

§  Storytelling

§  Teleoperation and telepresence

§  Touch, tangible and gesture interfaces

§  Tracking and sensing

§  Usage research, evaluation methods and empirical studies

§  VR/AR/MR applications



Virtual Reality & Intelligent Hardware (VRIH, ISSN 2096-5796, CN10-1561/TP) is a bimonthly Chinese-English bilingual journal managed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and published by Beijing Zhongke Journal Publishing Co., Ltd. It was established by China Science Publishing & Media Ltd. (Science Press) and Beihang University and is co-organized by Goertek Inc. The editor-in-chief is Professor Wang Yongtian from Beijing Institute of Technology. 

Editorial Board

Qinping ZHAOBeihang University,   China
Bohu LIBeihang University,   China
Qionghai DAITsinghua University,   China
Guozhong DAIInstitute of   Software, CAS, China

Overseas   Advisors
Mark   BILLINGHURSTSchool of Information   Technology and Mathematical Sciences, Australia
Hiroo IWATAUniversity of   Tsukuba, Japan
Ji QIANGRensselaer   Polytechnic Institute, USA
David   REMPEL  University of   California, USA
Abdulmotaleb El SADDIKUniversity   of Ottawa, Canada
Bjoern   SCHULLERImperial College   London, UK
Dieter   SCHMALSTIEGInstitute of Computer   Graphics and Vision at Graz University of Technology, Austria
Enhua WU University of Macao,   China
Shin-Tson WUUniversity of Central   Florida, USA

Yongtian WANGBeijing Institute of   Technology, China

Associate   Editors
Hujun BAOZhejiang University,   China
Xilin CHENInstitute of   Computing Technology, CAS, China
Aimin HAOBeihang University,   China
Shimin HUTsinghua University,   China
Bin SHENGShanghai Jiaotong   University, China
Aiguo SONGSoutheast University,   China
Xiaoying SUNJilin University,   China
Jianhua TAOInstitute of   Automation, CAS, China
Feng TIANInstitute of   Software, CAS, China
Guoping WANGPeking University,   China

Editorial   Board 
Victor   ALBUQUERQUEFederal University of   Ceará, Brazil
Chi Kit AUUniversity of   Waikato, New Zealand
Mehdi AMMIUniversité Paris-Sud   11, France
Lei BIThe University of   Sydney, Australia
Marc BAADENNational Centre for   Scientific Research, France
Stefano   BERRETTIUniversity   of Florence, Italy
Andrés Navarro   CADAVIDUniversidad ICESI,   Colombia
Yiyu CAI    Nanyang Technological   University, Singapore
Zhanchuan CAIMacau University of   Science and Technology, China
Tolga CAPINTED University,   Turkey
Jian CHANGBournemouth   University, UK
Baoquan CHENPeking University,   China
Yanyun CHENInstitute of   Software, CAS, China
Xiaoyu CHIGoertek Group   Co.,Ltd., China                                                                         
Adrian CLARKUniversity of   Canterbury, New Zealand
Qi DOUThe Chinese   University of Hong Kong, China
Henry DUHLa Trobe University,   Australia
Xiumin FANShanghai Jiao Tong   University, China
Guangzheng FEICommunication   University of China, China
Dagan FENGThe University of   Sydney, Australia
Francesco   FERRISEPolitecnico di   Milano, Italy
Hongbo FUCity University of   Hong Kong, China
Arnulph   FUHRMANNTH Köln, Germany 
Song GUOHong Kong Polytechnic   University, China
Brij Bhooshan GUPTAAsia University,   Taiwan, China
Pheng Ann HENGThe Chinese University of Hong Kong,   China
Guoquan HUANGUniversity of   Delaware, USA
Jinyuan JIATongji University,   China
Younhyun JUNGGachon University,   South Korea
Manolya   KAVAKLIMacquarie University,   Australia
Jinman KIMThe University of   Sydney, Australia
Kiyoshi KIYOKAWA Nara Institute of   Science and Technology, Japan
Hoshang KOLIVANDLiverpool John Moores   University, UK
Lingsheng KONGChangchun Institute   of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics, CAS, China
Yoshihiro   KURODAUniversity of   Tsukuba, Japan 
Robert Steven   LARAMEEUniversity of   Nottingham, UK
Manfred LAUCity University of   Hong Kong, China
Frederich LIUniversity of Durham,   UK
Haifeng LIZhejiang University,   China
Ping LIThe Hong Kong   Polytechnic University, China
Xueming LIBeijing University of   Posts and Telecommunications, China
Yuanqing LISouth China   University of Technology, China
Xiaohui LIANGBeihang University,   China
Baoquan LIUHuawei Institute of   the United Kingdom, UK
Yongjin LIUTsinghua University,   China
Yue LIUBeijing Institute of   Technology, China
Xun LUOTianjin University of Technology,   China
Zhihan LVQingdao University,   China
Xiaoyang MAOUniversity of Yamanashi, Japan
Gustavo MARFIAUniversity of   Bologna, Italy
Khan MUHAMMADSejong University,   South Korea
Andrés Adolfo   Navarro NEWBALL Pontificia   Universidad
    Javeriana Cali, Colombia
Zhigeng PANHangzhou Normal   University, China
George   PAPAGIANNAKISUniversity of Crete,   Greece
Christine   PEREYPerey Research and   Consulting, Switzerland
Isidoros   PERIKOSUniversity of Patras,   Greece
Fabio   POIESI Fondazione   Bruno Kessler (FBK), Italy
Xiaojuan QIThe University of   Hong Kong, China
Jing QINThe Hong Kong   Polytechnic University, China
Umesh   RAMNARAINUniversity of   Johannesburg, South Africa
Danda B RAWATHoward University,   USA
Abdennour El   RHALIBILiverpool John Moores   University, UK
Tanzila SABAPrince   Sultan University, Saudi Arabia
Christian SANDORParis-Saclay   University, France
Abdul SADKABrunel   University London, UK
Jun SHENUniversity   of Wollongong, Australia
Shaojie SHENUniversity of   Pennsylvania, Hong Kong, China
Xukun SHENBeihang University,   China
Yuanchun SHITsinghua University,   China
Weitao SONGBeijing Institute of   Technology, China
Sud SUDIRMANLiverpool   John Moores University, UK
Simon SUArmy Research   Laboratory, USA
Markus   TATZGERNSalzburg University   of Applied Sciences, Austria
Bruce THOMEASThe University of   South Australia Mawson Lakes, Australia
Changhe TUShandong University,   China
Haruo TAKEMURACybermedia Center   Osaka University, Japan
Dangxiao WANGBeihang University,   China
Gregory F   WELCHThe University of   Central Florida, USA
Dongdong WENGBeijing Institute of   Technology, China
Yingqing XUTsinghua University,   China
Zhenbang XUChangchun Institute   of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics, CAS, China
Le XIEShanghai Jiao Tong   University, China
Lun XIEUniversity of Science   and Technology Beijing, China
Po YANGSheffield University,   UK
Hongqing   (Harry) YUUniversity of Derby,   UK
Jingyi YUShanghai University   of Science and Technology, China
Yang YUGoertek Group   Co.,Ltd., China                                                                     
Hongbin ZHAPeking University,   China
Fengjun ZHANGInstitute of   Software, CAS, China
Ping ZHANGSouth China   University of Technology, China
Yu ZHANGStanford University,   USA
Guofeng ZHANGZhejiang University,   China
Jianmin ZHENGNanyang Technological   University, Singapore
Bin ZHOUBeihang University,   China
Kun ZHOUZhejiang University,   China
Mingquan ZHOUBeijing Normal   University, China
Zhong ZHOUBeihang University,   China
Zihan ZHOUPenn State   University, USA

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