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DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.2096-5796.21.00038

A novel virtual nasal endoscopy system based on computed tomography scans


Currently, many simulator systems for medical procedures are under development. These systems can provide new solutions for training, planning, and testing medical practices, improve performance, and optimize the time of the exams. Some premises must be followed and applied to the model under development, such as usability, control, graphics realism, and interactive and dynamic gamification, to make the best of these technologies. This study presents a simulation system of a medical examination procedure in the nasal cavity for training and research, using a patient’s accurate computed tomography (CT) as a reference. The pathologies that are used as a guide for the development of the system are highlighted. Furthermore, an overview of current studies covering bench medical mannequins, 3D printing, animals, hardware, software, and software that use hardware to boost user interaction, is given. Finally, a comparison with similar state-of-the-art works is made. The main result of this work is interactive gamification techniques to propose an experience of simulation of an immersive exam by identifying pathologies present in the nasal cavity such as hypertrophy of turbinates, septal deviation adenoid hypertrophy, nasal polyposis, and tumor.

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Fábio de O. Sousa, Daniel S. da Silva, Tarique da S. Cavalcante, Edson C. Neto, Victor José T. Gondim, Ingrid C. Nogueira, Auzuir Ripardo de Alexandria, Victor Hugo C. de Albuquerque. A novel virtual nasal endoscopy system based on computed tomography scans. Virtual Reality & Intelligent Hardware DOI:10.3724/SP.J.2096-5796.21.00038